If you have ever played online poker you are probably willing to take on some risk for a high reward. Any veteran player knows that the tables are now increasingly overrun by bots, and with the government cracking down on the sites, and the players, it’s becoming less and less worth it. Even if you make money, the DOJ can seize the site, and all of your funds before you get a chance to withdraw them! With that in mind, many former “illicit” online gamblers are now switching to a form of “gambling” that is completely legal in the eyes of the bureaucracy that is big government; the stock market. In the past, investors with a high tolerance for risk would create a portfolio of penny stocks, a long term strategy to try and make a few bucks. But now we are starting to see a trend of buying Binary Options, a much quicker way to see some cash.

One of the most popular Binary Options Trading firms, V8Options, has said that the vast majority of all new accounts are people who are backing away from traditional day trading, or even those who have little to no experience in the stock market at all. Considering you only need a very small $250 deposit to get going (or even creating a free Demo account to see how it all works before you invest with any real money), it makes sense that this is the new market for regular people.

Trading on The V8Options platform Is Incredibly Simple:

All the Trader Needs to Do Is Make 4 Choices:

  1. Select an asset from over 100 available, including Gold, Google Shares, Bitcoin, EUR/USD currency pairs and indices like the FTSE;
  2. Pick a time frame for the trade – 30, 60 seconds, 15 minutes to 1 hour.
  3. An amount to invest in the trade. This can range from $5 to $2000 depending on how confident the Trader is.
  4. Predict if the price of your chosen Asset will INCREASE or DECREASE in value during that time frame. That’s all!

If the Trader makes the correct prediction on the market, then they will make a 80-318% on their investment. Not to shabby for 30 seconds of effort!

So other than the traditional trading system becoming increasingly rigged in favor of those with billions of dollars, why are people switching to other forms of trading? Well, Binary Options Trading is accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of experience. Even if you have never traded a single stock before, there are brokers such as V8Options that make it simple enough to master in a very short time frame. And, you don’t even have to spend a single dollar to become a pro, if you create a free Demo account you can hone your skills to see if Binary Options Trading is right for you.

Binary Options Trading is very unlike FOREX trading, where unless you have a very solid algorithmic system that can constantly measure an insane amount of variables, years may go by before you can say you have nearly mastered it. Having to keep track of spreads, margins, stop-loss, and a variety of other factors can be a full-time job in itself, and let’s not forget that hidden costs of the broker which can wipe out a good percentage of earnings from the average small-time day trader. Binary Options traders really only need to worry about one simple thing; whether the stock goes up or down.

Even if the price of the asset that you have invested in goes up or down no more than 1 tenth of a pip (one one thousandth of a percent), the Binary Options trader will take the maximum profit, or most minimal loss, based on what you have invested. As a Binary Options trader, you will never find yourself having negative equity, or being in a position where you are in debt to the firm facilitating the trade.

When you are involved with Binary Options Trading you have the utmost control over every aspect of trading. You can control the risk, and reward, and easily be able to calculate any potential gain or loss, on every single trade you make. Trading in Binary Options through a market such as V8Options, you are able to easily focus on the market, and whatever capital you wish to invest, while at all times remaining confident that you are in full control of your investment. The amount of transparency and control is the biggest appeal for traders frustrated with the traditional markets, or for beginner traders who wish to take advantage of market movements. Once you are a more experienced Binary Options trader, you will know how to make the most of every opportunity.

Trading online with a brokerage like V8Options does not require you to download any software, like traditional FOREX trading may. You won’t need platforms like MT4, or any expensive technology. You can literally perform trades anywhere, from your desktop, or through a mobile App on your phone or tablet directly through the brokers site.